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We are happy to be a business that has the ability to support the efforts of neighborhoods that have given so much support to us.


We kindly ask that you please submit all donation requests via email. We appreciate the time and effort of you stopping by, but for the sake of our organization, we ask that all requests be submitted to: .

We try to help community based organizations, nonprofit organizations, sports programs, and military efforts first. Organizations around our restaurants are first priority. We always try to fulfill the requests from customers of Rose & Vicki’s first.
If you email begins with “Dear Manager” or “To Whom it May Concern” you will most likely not see your request fulfilled. These donations are not free to us, and we are putting in the effort to personally respond to requests. We ask that you pay us the same courtesy.

We simply cannot fulfill every request that comes our way. We are a small group of local restaurants and always focus our efforts to our neighbors in need first. If you are sending a request for an organization outside of the Bourne/Plymouth/Tri Town/Wareham areas, your request will most likely not be fulfilled.

Please email us at   with requests and we will get back to you as soon as possible.